Product Photo Editing

Let us create the perfect background, clean any surfaces and place your product in a real-life scenario. We’ll make your product as attractive as possible!
Photo retouchingg and cleaningPhoto retouching and cleaning

Photo retouching and cleaning

From $2 per photo

Adding shadows & reflections

From $2 per photo

Adding shadowss & reflectionsAdding shadows & reflections
3 Ghost mannequinn technique3 Ghost mannequin technique

Ghost mannequin technique

From $3 per photo

Recoloring elements

From $2 per photo

Recoloringg elementsRecoloring elements
Rotationn and resizingRotation and resizing

Rotation and resizing

From $1 per photo

Clipping path/masking

From $1 per photo

Clippingg pathmaskingClipping pathmasking
Backgroundd removalBackground removal

Background removal

From $1 per photo

Reshaping, liquifying and fixing symmetry

From $4 per photo

Reshapingg, liquifying and fixing symmetryReshaping, liquifying and fixing symmetry
Creative productt photo editingCreative product photo editing

Creative product photo editing

From $10 per photo

How does it works?

Be sure that our professional photography retouchers will follow your photo editing guidelines to create a digital masterpiece for you.
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    Upload Your Photo
    Upload your photos which you want to edit.
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    Write Instruction
    Write detailed instructions and attach sample photos.
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    Get your edited photos
    Get your edited photos according to your instructions.
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    Submit for revision if needed
    Accept the work or request changes (if necessary)

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Pro Level

$1 to $3 Per Photo
  • check Simple Items Background Removal
  • check Backdrop Color Changing (Simple Objects)
  • check Add the Borders
  • check Resizing
  • check Change File Format
  • check Watermarks Adding
  • check DPI Correction
  • check Compression
  • check Shadows/Reflection:
  • check Natural Shadows +1$
  • check Drop Shadows
  • check Reflection
  • check Recoloring Elements
  • check Remove Mannequin
  • check Retouching:
  • check Basic Retouch
  • check Pro Retouch
  • check Clipping Path/Masking:
  • check Background Removal (Simple Object) - 0$

Extra Level

$4 to $10 Per Photo
  • check Creative product photo
  • check Ghost Mannequin
  • check Background Removal (Simple Object)
  • check Background Removal (Complex Object)
  • check Extra Retouch