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Accounting For Gift Cards

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What type of expense is a gift card?

Generally speaking, a gift card to employees could be classified as a business expense, a marketing expense, or a payroll expense.

Trends in the redemption patterns of previously sold gift cards allow retailers to create an estimate of future breakage. Once a reliable estimate is established, the retailer may claim to have a basis for removing the gift Accounting For Gift Cards card liability from its books. Essentially, some states require retailers to turn over the full unredeemed value of gift cards, while others require retailers to surrender a percentage of the unredeemed value (usually 60%).

IFRS 15 and Gift-cards accounting

Along with the popularity of gift cards come consumer complaints about restrictions on their use. Common consumer complaints involve the replacement of lost or stolen gift cards, merchandise refund policies, expiration dates and maintenance fees. Accounting for the sale and redemption of gift cards under GAAP is pretty straightforward. Since 1999, gift card purchases have exploded, from $19 billion to an expected $160 billion in 2018. Consumers love them as a way to give someone a gift without worrying about picking the right size or color. Retailers love them because they put money in the cash register right away.

Accounting For Gift Cards

Any prior Gift card sales can also be accounted for against the same gift card liability account. If you sell internationally, this can complicate things further, so in many cases it’s likely worth speaking to an expert on the matter. Breakage is where revenue is realized from services which are paid for but not used. In relation to gift cards, this is where that gift card value is transferred from your liabilities to your revenue when a gift card isn’t redeemed after its validity period. Gift cards are a great way to improve your customer experience, which means a lot of the time when we’re talking gift card strategy we focus on gifting and CX. However there are also considerations you need to take into account before you start using gift cards either as a marketing tool or as a sales strategy.

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Because they vary from state to state, escheatment laws can add significant complexity to your revenue recognition processes if you operate in multiple states. Under the terms of a typical gift card service agreement, the gift card entity is primarily liable to the customer for the value of the gift card until the card expires or is redeemed. Accounting for restaurant gift cards and certificates can get complicated quickly. There are many moving parts in gift card accounting and our team has experience handling the different types of transactions that can occur.

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